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We support a simple idea: respect and compassion for all.

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Back-to-school print sale

Say welcome in over 20 languages and more. Now through Labor Day, buy one print, get one print 50% off. Discount calculated at checkout.

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Our new downloadable 8.5" x 11" PDF was designed specifically for educators at schools, libraries, non-profit organizations, and religious institutions to print, display, and show support for all.

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Five Packs for $50

Welcome students, clients, colleagues, and neighbors in five languages! Perfect for schools, religious institutions, and non-profit organizations.

About Us

We are dedicated to building a world where everyone, regardless of background, sexual orientation, gender identification, skin color, or disability are included and valued. Since November 2016, we have given back more than $50,000 to our community. 10% of our online sales are donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of All. 

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Supporting Transgender People

We strongly believe in transgender people's right to be themselves and support efforts to help transgender people live without discrimination, stigma and systemic inequality.

10% of sales of our transgender support items will be donated to Transforming Families Minnesota. We also created a free download for you to print and share your support. 

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When we made some beautiful custom items for the ACLU of Minnesota for Twin Cities Pride, we got an immediate and enthusiastic response on social media. For supporters who can't join the celebration in person, we've decided to take the party online for all!