Custom Orders

We love to create custom signs, buttons, clings, and more to fit your needs and your budget.



Our custom projects range from permanent signage, like at The Wedge in Minneapolis, to buttons for staff to wear at a medical clinic in Virginia. We work with schools, nonprofits, churches, businesses, cities and counties to spread the message in the way that best fits their needs.

We’ve created custom lawn signs using schools’ colors and mottos to welcome students and staff back to school. We’ve worked with churches on custom banners incorporating the specific languages spoken in their communities. We’ve helped cities designate inclusive spaces using our colors and their logos.



If you have an idea for a custom order or want more information on custom orders, we’d love to hear from you. Contact with your request and we’ll connect you with our designers. Please remember to include project details like quantity, timing, and any existing design elements (colors, logos, mottos) in your request. It will help us get a better understanding of your idea, and provide you with a more accurate estimate. From start to finish, most custom orders take 3-4 weeks.

We can’t wait to learn more!