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Wedge Co-op


Respecting the planet and all who share it, we have a deep appreciation for the missions of our local co-ops, the good work they do along side eco-friendly farms and small businesses, and the services they provide for their customers and community. We are so proud to work with the wonderful staff at the Eastside Food Co-op, Hampden Park Co-op, Wedge Community Co-op, and more to come.

When Laura Glass, art director for Wedge Community Co-op, asked us to collaborate on some signage for their newly remodeled building on Lyndale Avenue, we replied with an enthusiastic, "YES, PLEASE!" The final result is beautiful, bold, and welcoming in six different languages.

"Hey, can we talk about these amazing signs in a blog post?" we asked Laura.

"Sure! I'll get you a statement from our CEO," she replied. The wonderful words we got in return filled us with such gratitude, we're actually (almost) a little too Minnesota modest to share them with you, but we will.

From Josh Resnik, Wedge Community Co-op CEO:

"We are so excited to have the beautiful All are Welcome Here artwork prominently displayed on our Lyndale building. When we completed our recent re-model we wanted to create new signs that welcome and support all people from all backgrounds.

As we tried to design our own words and design, we kept going back to the "All Are Welcome Here" artwork that has become so popular across Minneapolis and how much we love that.

This message of positivity and inclusion is totally aligned with our values at the Wedge, so we feel honored the “All Are Welcome Here” group collaborated with us to make something that celebrates and supports our community."


Wedge Co-op

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