Hopkins schools give students an amazing welcome

At All Are Welcome Here, we're at our best when we help amplify the inclusive efforts of other communities big and small. We are especially proud to work with public schools to help create a welcoming place for all.

When several schools in the city of Hopkins, Minnesota, asked us to make signs in their beautiful Hopkins Royals blue, we were excited to customize our signature stripes and add their custom design to the back. We finished and delivered the signs just in time to welcome students and staff back to school.

The response was overwhelmingly positive as described by Tracy Murphy, a parent of three Hopkins students:

"As I drove to school the 1st day, I literally got choked up. Welcoming all the students were signs. Signs in multiple languages. Signs for all genders (male, female and nonconforming). Signs declaring that ALL are welcome here. Image you are a new 7th grader, a new parent, a transfer student…. How amazing would it be for you to be welcomed this way?! Especially given all the uncertainty in the world around immigration, dreamers, Islam, etc… what a welcome sight to know that school will be a safe and inclusive place for everyone."

You can read the complete blog post here: http://tracyamurphy.com/go-royals/

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