It feels so good to do good together.

On Thursday, we dropped off our January-April donation to the ACLU of Minnesota — an amazing $19,093.33.

Thank you all for your support! We feel very humbled by the overwhelming and positive response to this important message, and feel great responsibility to be as transparent as possible with our mission and your trust. Here’s what we’ve donated so far.

Donations for 2016: $6750

When we started in November of 2016, we had no idea how much work and how much fun this project would be. What started as a small order of lawn signs quickly grew into a way to unite our all our neighbors near and far.

Donations for Q1 2017: $16,258.33

As our story quickly spread on social media, we’ve made wonderful connections with local schools, non-profits, churches, businesses and cities. We worked with the city of Edina on custom posters for Southdale Mall, Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis on custom permanent signage, and the city of Golden Valley on their Pride festival. We’re now in 15 retail establishments in Minnesota, with more on the way. Members of the community have organized on to make bulk purchases and spread the message in their local areas. We also had several very successful t-shirt sales on Cotton Bureau. Our first quarter donation surprised us all and we were so happy with the outcome.

Donations for All Are Welcome Beer, April 6, 2017: $6312

Thank you All for showing up for All Are Welcome Beer. The ACLU, Lakes & Legends Brewing Company , and All Are Welcome Here were blown away by the show of support by everyone who turned out for this special event. All the volunteers and employees who helped run the event commented on how fun the night was and how upbeat, kind, and supportive you all were. Not to mention generous! By the night's end, we sold out of all SEVEN kegs — that's 868 glasses — of All Are Welcome Beer and turned the brewery into a dance club.

Stay tuned for more summer fun

Our summer is filling up with more events, collaborations, and partnerships. We’re working on two Pride weekends, June 11 in Golden Valley and June 25-26 in Minneapolis, and partnering with The M museum in St. Paul and Barre Bliss on some other fun projects. We’re also proud to be a sponsor of Twin Cities World Refugee Day on July 16, organized by CAPI USA .

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