Reduce, reuse, recycle

As a small business, we are dedicated to finding ways to make our products and practices greener.

With the 2017 election behind us and the 2018 midterms right around the corner, we've been getting questions about how to recycle lawn signs when they are no longer needed. Most lawn signs, including our own, are made out of Coroplast, which is corrugated #5 plastic, and come with metal stakes. Technically, both signs and stakes are recyclable, but your local recycling program may not accept either.

So how can you save your signs from the landfill?

We've done some research and found some pretty innovative ways to reuse, and even up-cycle, your lawn signs and stakes. Some are simple and some involve a little more DIY moxie. All are kid-friendly and look like a lot of fun.


For the Birds:

Looking for a fun DIY weekend activity to do with the kiddos? Here's how you can transform campaign signs into birdhouses. The simple design could easily be modified to be the next HQ for your kiddos favorite action figure or home sweet home for a small stuffed animal.

Bike Accessories:

Coroplast is a plastic material similar in construction to the corrugated cardboard used in making cardboard boxes. Because it’s plastic, it’s weatherproof, light and extremely tough which makes it perfect for bike fenders and baskets. Learn more >

Big Birthday Wishes:

Lawn signs can be remade into special birthday signs. Just prime and paint them with your message, then put them in the front yard for a special birthday surprise. Best of all, the signs can be repainted and stored for years to come.  Learn more >

Decorative Chalkboard Signs:

Prime and cover unwanted signs in chalkboard paint. Look like a Pinterest Pro for your next yard sale. Learn more >

Serving trays or drawer organizers:

This DIY demo uses both the sign and the stake to create a stylish serving tray. Detach the legs, and you have a lovely drawer organizer. Learn more >

Other ways we try to reduce, reuse and recycle:

We are committed to working with local vendors to produce our products. The majority are created in the Twin Cities metro area which helps decrease our production footprint.

We are also committed to working with local businesses. Many of our deliveries to retail partners and farmers markets are done via Prius. As a group, we own at least three.

At the warehouse, we try to reuse and recycle our packing materials whenever possible. Most of our packing materials are made from recycled paper products. One of the main reasons we don't sell and ship single signs online is to reduce packaging waste and help minimize our shipping footprint.

This is just the start. If you have ideas or suggestions, please send us an email at


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