St. Louis Park designer wants to make sure 'All Are Welcome Here'

It all started when...

We're very honored to have our project featured in the Star Tribune Variety section this past Sunday. Thank you all for making our state and our country more welcoming and kind by supporting our message and each other.  

This project would not be possible without help from Janna Netland Lover, JoEllen Martinson Davis, and Gina Rumore. We also want to thank the lovely Danika Hoffmann for all her help and support -- and everyone who has helped us along the way including Leslie Plesser, Andrew Ahl, Nikie Nelson, Mike Chismar, Christina Edstrom, Suzanne Grundyblum, Jennifer Reid, Jennifer Rensenbrink, Liz Martinson, Kristen Klemann, Karrie Vrabel, Christina Edstrom, Matt Van Dusen, Michelle Farley and Willy Lee.

Thank you!

You can read the complete article here >

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