The Power of Words: What would you put on a lawn sign?

All Are Welcome Here was honored to make this video for Minnesota's Young Authors Conference. Our message was the perfect fit for their 2020-2021 theme, "The Power of Words."

The video features our founder, Jaime Chismar (she/her/hers), a graphic designer, photographer, and life-long writer living in St. Louis Park. In 2016, she discovered the power of four words: All Are Welcome Here, and her life was forever changed. What started as a lawn sign is now a social enterprise business based on a simple idea: respect and compassion for all.

The conference (affectionately known as YAK) is sponsored by Success Beyond The Classroom, a nonprofit that creates powerful learning experiences that challenge students (grades 4-8) to explore interests, discover new perspectives, connect with professionals in the community, and visualize their success beyond the classroom. Success Beyond the Classroom’s (SBC) history includes 30+ years of working with schools to provide relevant, highly valued enrichment programs to students across the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area.

Learn more about YAK and SBC at

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