Welcoming All to STEP

Our Welcoming All PDF is truly a community collaboration. Over a dozen schools and nonprofits have donated a translation and/or helped us verify a translation. Our friends at STEP in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, helped us with our Russian translation and more.

"You may remember seeing an ‘All Are Welcome Here’ sign in our lobby. We love that sign and wanted to make it clear in every language that you are welcome here. Jackie, one of our social workers, collaborated with All Are Welcome Here to use all of the common languages that are represented in our neighbors to create one sign. When STEP opens back up to the public in the future, you’ll see one of these posters in every office. You matter and we are so happy you are our neighbor."

Sending a rainbow of gratitude to STEP: St. Louis Park Emergency Program for all that they do. The St. Louis Park Emergency Program's mission is to identify, address and respond to the critical and emergency needs of residents in St. Louis Park. STEP provides direct assistance and support services to residents of St. Louis Park, targeting households with low incomes and those faced with financial crisis. Learn more at: https://stepslp.org.

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